O’Brien Associates, led by Roger O’Brien, knows exactly where you are. We’ve been there. With more than 40 years in roles as varied as business owner, senior manager, executive consultant and technology developer, Roger has experienced the breadth of challenges that every CEO faces.


Roger has helped facilitate strategic planning for us, and also led an effort to assess our business processes and our organizational structure for scalability and growth. He is a seasoned business executive with great on-the-ground perspective, not a consultant who shows up with charts and theories. He was flexible in adjusting his work to fit with our company’s processes. He understands strategy; he understands operations; he understands how they both fit together. And he’s a great communicator, there’s no head-scratching around the table when he’s explaining something. His experience and his responsiveness make for a great combination.

Brian Reh,
President, Gorbel, Inc.

Beyond theory–sleeves rolled up to make it all work.

More critically, O’Brien Associates knows what to do about the unique demands of your organization. Our clients benefit from proven, practical business solutions–each one custom-crafted–and our hands-on approach to helping implement them.

“Roger came in as interim CEO. He came up to speed very quickly, got his arms around where we were and the decisions we needed to make. He didn’t shy away from any of the facts. He facilitated critical face-to-face meetings with vendors; he steered the board and current investors through the decision to look for a new investor and the subsequent negotiations, and finally helped to transition to the new CEO. He was tenacious and professional at all times; able to analyze the issues quickly but always gathering the facts first. His experience coaching entrepreneurs was invaluable. Roger was very diligent in pursuing what he knew to be the best solution for the company.”

Ann Marie Farnsworth, Director of Finance, Kirtas Technologies

“Everyone else came in with a sales pitch. They already had all the answers already. I didn’t want cookie-cutter. Of course, there are formats and logics and formulas involved, but I wanted someone who would sit down and work through it with me, so that it worked for me and not the last 14 clients that consultant had. Roger did that.”

Jessica Raines, then Vice President and corporate officer, Rochester Gas & Electric


“We asked Roger to completely change the culture from one of top-down, autocratic leadership to one where people were working together as a team. If it weren’t done, the company wouldn’t have survived. And he succeeded–people are now stepping out of their comfortable roles and offices and taking on new challenges.”

John Wischmeyer, Chairman, Barthelmes Manufacturing Company





Strategic planning + execution. A rare and valuable combination.

We take a big-picture view. There’s no point in solving just part of your problem. Rather than specialize in the latest management trend, we tackle the issues that are at the core of your company. We can facilitate strategic planning, act as a CEO’s sounding board, step in as a general manager or turnaround leader, re-engineer the business development process, even work on improving the performance of individuals and teams. What we do goes far beyond consulting. It’s leadership.

“We engaged Roger to help the management team at Rosina update and energize our strategic plan. A major focus of this effort had to do with evaluating several opportunities that were available to us in our various product lines and markets served. We felt it was necessary to bring someone in from outside the organization who we sensed could objectively facilitate our discussions and focus them on the critical priorities that we were facing. Roger has and continues to do a great job for us. He took time to get to know each member of our team. He provided a very workable framework for the project. In addition, he facilitated some very productive conversations among our team. Roger has extensive practical experience in a number of senior management roles. Based on this he could objectively assess our situation, ask key questions and apply examples from his past to our specific challenges. All of this made his guidance more effective. He provided the framework and facilitation to allow our team to develop a realistic and workable plan. He knows where we needed to be and kept us focused. Throughout the whole process he was very approachable and easy to get to work with. We had nothing but a positive experience. I’d recommend Roger to my best friend or my best business associate.”

Russell Corigliano, president, Rosina Foods, Inc.

“The Board of Directors engaged Roger as the interim CEO of a technology company for which I am a Director and investor. The company was in transition and going through major organizational and financial challenges; it was questionable whether we’d survive to see another day. We needed someone who could stabilize the team and the company and help us through to bring in new management and new financial resources. Roger was very level-headed, very pragmatic and organized in his evaluations and actions, and very thoughtful. And he was a steadying, calming influence with vendors, clients, employees—which was especially important in such a challenging situation.”

Keith Bank, Managing Director, KB Partners

When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.

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When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.
t e s t i m o n i a l s
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.    
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.      
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.      
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.      


Experience that translates to understanding.