Leadership hours: 24, 7, 365. Leadership pace: rapid.

We understand that problem-solving doesn’t happen on a 9 to 5 schedule. We make ourselves completely accessible to every client–weekends, evenings, holidays. If an issue is critical now, it’s critical that it be solved now. For the most part, an O’Brien Associates engagement lasts three months. Maybe six. We do not believe in multi-year planning followed by multi-year implementation phases. Success will not wait for you. Get it done now.


I want to know what keeps a client up at night. While I’m engaged with clients, I want to live their business lives with them. This is how I can be most effective in helping them.

Roger O’Brien,
President, O’Brien Associates

“I wanted a comprehensive roadmap and strategic business plan based on the growth we’re seeing in our business. Our series of objectives was all-encompassing—sales and marketing, operations, engineering, and a strategic vision. We’ve been in business for 26 years and have a very strong leadership team, but I wanted to make sure that this time we went through the formal planning process as a staff. I also wanted to use this as a coaching and mentoring process, so I’m still meeting with Roger on a monthly basis to work on various aspects of our business. Roger challenged us and was able to squeeze the stone and still get juice out of it. At the same time, he created cohesiveness and bonding between the group. He has vast industry experience and the ability to get people thinking out of the box. I witnessed what I had heard about from his other clients—it was fantastic.”

Tom Giglia, president, Ambrell, Inc.

There’s a better way to be in business.

It should be fun to come in every day and work at improving your business. If it doesn‘t feel that way today, it’s time to do something about it. We invite your inquiry and the opportunity to understand how you view your organization’s challenges. It will be a chance for us to see how we align – philosophically, professionally, personally.

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“We engaged Roger as interim CEO. Major business issues, which the Board of Directors had wrestled with for many months, were immediately apparent to Roger, and he was able to effectively operate the business. His performance was exemplary. When Roger believed the time was right, he led the effort to hire his replacement - locating a pool of CEO candidates, interviewing them, and reducing the pool to four for interviews by the Board of Directors and the corporation's accountants. Roger furnished the Board with his insights into the type of candidate required, and what the Board should look for in a new CEO.”

Jerry Greenfield, Esq., Member of the Board of Directors, Cross Bros. Company, Inc.

“Roger O'Brien helped us redefine our business in ways we had not thought of before. His vision, experience, and interpersonal skills made a key difference at a critical time in the life of our company and, thanks to Roger we are back on track. I highly recommend Roger for anyone wanting to enhance, grow or redefine their business.”

Mark DeSantis, Managing Director, ANGLE Technology Group, US Headquarters

“We engaged O’Brien Associates to help us improve our skills around market penetration and sales within one of our businesses. We were very pleased with both the methodologies and the results we attained. If you were looking for someone to come in and add a skill set or technology to your organization, you would be remiss if you did not talk to Roger.”

Dutch Summers, CEO, Jasco Tools, Inc.



“We engaged Roger for strategic planning and business operations support across our financial, operational, human resources. He brings very deep upper-level management expertise; he’s able to easily move from CEO to CFO to planning a software implementation. We are a rapidly growing organization; even halfway through my Executive MBA and with a lot of years of management under my belt, I don’t have the expertise that Roger can bring. Plus, he’s got a positive attitude, a clarity of energy, clear, concise, crisp communication, good follow-through, and he‘s rapidly becoming very well connected in our state. He’s been very effective for us, and I would strongly recommend him.”

Dr. Philip Briggs, president and owner,
Santa Fe Medical Group, Inc.

Just when you think it’s time to fire everyone and start fresh…

We understand that people underlie the success of any organization. Every effort at solving ”hard“ business problems takes into account the impact of, and on, the people in the organization. Our intrinsic respect for people comes through. We’re generally rewarded with their confidence, and their best work.

“We had been growing extremely fast—we doubled our growth each year of the last two years, and in the next five years, anticipate doubling again. So we started out with some intensive strategic planning. Roger came in and interviewed all my folks and even did personality testing. He did a really good job of getting us through this process, and then he put together a document that said, ‘Here’s your key management, their personalities, an analysis of each, and here’s how to develop your succession plan after you leave the company.’ We established new policies and procedures, and have an action plan that we review weekly. It takes someone who stands away from the company to really make this happen, and it was very well done in a short time span—just four weeks. Roger is very knowledgeable and offered the coaching we needed. Now we meet quarterly with him to make sure we’re on track.”

Kirk McWethy, president, SDV Construction, Inc.

“Roger and I worked together for a business owner client who came to me for help with designing a succession program for his business. His business was good and on track for dramatic growth. But his flat-management structure was making him work like crazy. He wanted to do some classic strategic planning in order to get greater control and also to protect the culture he’d built. The engagement was extremely successful. Roger’s work included assessments of key management. My client said Roger’s strategic planning process got his people to think and talk among themselves about the issues, and look at some of their systems outside of the scheduled strategic planning sessions. They’ve since made some big changes, such as designating one person as their estimating guru, instead of everyone estimating a different way. The thing I like about Roger is that he pushes everything to an action plan. If someone wants to be coached and mentored as a CEO, and wants classic strategic planning, I can’t think of anyone better than Roger.”

Michael Podolny, president, The Podolny Group, co-consultant with O’Brien Associates for SDV Construction, Inc.

“Roger has a solid ability to listen and resonate with people. Many consultants come in and tell you how to do things, and don’t really listen. Roger works at understanding the culture of the company and helps build on the strengths that already exist.”

Gary Conners, founder and vice-president of GGC Imaging, as well as a consultant for defense and aerospace companies

When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.

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When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.
t e s t i m o n i a l s
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.      
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.      
When something needs to shift... O'Brien Associates.